Rotterdam – what a weird place!!

We had decided to visit here because Scott had been told it was ‘like Amsterdam, but less commercialised.’ – It’s nothing like Amsterdam, at all! Not even a little bit – the only similar thing is they are in the same country!

Had a very cool vibe there, for lack of a better way of explaining it, it wasn’t very touristy and there were lots of different, quirky restaurants, cafes and bars. We stumbled across ‘Hotel Bazaar‘ for lunch one day – which happens to be one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Rotterdam and it was incredible. The decor was very impressive and I had the most amazing falafel salad there!

Unusual designs in Rotterdam - The Two Drifters www.thetwodrifters.net

We went exploring and stumbled across a couple of fairs and festivals – one felt very similar to the Fringe festival in Adelaide!

Then we came across the highlights of Rotterdam – the most unusual, crazy architecture I have ever seen.

Rotterdam is an incredibly unusual place - The Two Drifters www.thetwodrifters.net

It’s honestly like they let 5 year old children design the buildings and built whatever they drew!!

They made for some awesome photos, but it’s the weirdest place!!
Rotterdam at night - The Two Drifters www.thetwodrifters.net

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