Bruges is one of the prettiest places in Europe we’ve seen.

Bruges - one of the prettiest places in Europe. www.thetwodrifters.net

It’s a medieval city that was one of the biggest cities in Europe at the time, but it all came to a halt when the people of Bruges captured the Emperor Maximilian of Austria and murdered Pieter Lanckhals, his advisor. As a punishment, when the people of Bruges let him go, the Emperor moved all trade from Bruges and the city completely stopped its development.

As it was untouched by the Industrial revolution, it has basically remained a medieval city. It has flourished under tourism and has maintained the medieval style, so any renovations or restorations fit into this architecture, making it a very beautiful city.

Beautiful canals in Bruges, www.thetwodrifters.net

It’s an amazing place to wander and have a look around and we stumbled across many hidden gems. There are lots of squares and winding streets with so many gorgeous buildings and little alleyways.

Beautiful Bruges www.thetwodrifters.net

We did a great walking tour called the ‘Legends of Bruges.’ Simon, our guide, was a historian and gave us a lot of insight into the city. The tour ended with free chocolate and a free beer! So can’t complain about that!

I even tried the local beer! Hasn’t quite converted me to be a beer drinking yet though!

The Two Drifters exploring Bruges www.thetwodrifters.netAlso the most amazing waffles are found in a little white van that parks in Burg square! So good!

Amazing Waffles in Bruges www.thetwodrifters.net

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