Bikes in Belgium

Riding bikes in Belgium was so beautiful!

We had some lovely weather so we decided to hire some bikes from Bruges and explore the beautiful countryside around the area.

Belgium is a very flat country so it’s ideal for easy riding. They also have a very comprehensive cycling network with heaps of routes that are well-signed posted all the way, so its easy to explore on bikes in Belgium.

The Two Drifters enjoying their bike ride in Belgium www.thetwodrifters.net

We headed from Bruges, past the windmills along Buiten Kruisvest towards a little town called Dam and then onto Sluis.

The Two Drifters stopping for lunch near a windmill in Belgium, www.thetwodrifters.net

It was such a nice ride. We followed the canal that was dug by the prisioners of war during Napoleon’s reign and went through quaint little towns and rode past fields and farmhouses with the most muscular cows ever!

The Two Drifters enjoying their day of riding bikes in Belgium www.thetwodrifters.net

It was a fun afternoon with the most beautiful countryside but we were both ready for an early night that night!!

More photos on our instagram: thetwodrifters.au

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