Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Lake Bled is like something out of a fairytale. It was a photo of Lake Bled that started my obsession with Slovenia!

Admiring Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Lake Bled is amazing!

Lake Bled is the most gorgeous blue green coloured lake and has mountains that surround it one either side. Atop one of these is a castle which overlooks the whole area but the main attraction is definitely the church sitting on an island in the middle of the lake. It is so beautiful.

Very excited at Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Very excited to finally be at Lake Bled!

You can walk all around the lake, which we loved as it gave you some different perspectives and got you very quickly away from the real touristy area. It’s only a 6km walk and is absolutely lovely. You can also rent bikes or take the tourist train if you prefer, we just like to stop whenever we want for photos, and we took heaps!

Enjoying Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Can feel like you have the whole place to yourself.

We also went up to the castle which overlooks the whole area. We didn’t want to go in but rather were looking for a good lookout. Not sure you were meant to go where we ended up, but we found the best viewpoint which gave us a very postcard view of the island surrounded by the lake!

Perfect view of Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Found the perfect view spot!

Of course, the absolute highlight was the church out on the lake itself. I somehow convinced Scott that we should row out there (meaning he should row me out there!) so we rented a row boat and headed out to the island. It was so calm on the water and we had so much fun, having a ‘Notebook’ moment!

Rowing out on Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

He’s the best!

Enjoying the scenery on Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Enjoying how beautiful Lake Bled is!

Notebook moment on Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

A bit of a notebook moment!

The Church of the Mother of God on the Lake is a very lovely church that still has such a reverence about it. There is a massive wishing bell in the middle of it though and the legend saw that if you ring the bell 3 times, Mary will grant your wish. Not sure about that but it was fun ringing the bell anyway – and it was way heavier than I expected!


Ringing the bells on Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Scott trying to get a wish.

Eilis ringing the bell on Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Heavier than I thought it would be!

We loved Lake Bled, it was just a magical place to see. There is quite a few tourists however they end up in one main area so it’s very easy to get away from everyone and enjoy the lake and its beauty by yourself.

Us enjoying Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

We absolutely adore Slovenia!

We highly recommend staying at Reka Hisa which is a little outside of Lake Bled but great if you have a car. We had the best time there, it’s a gorgeous setting, you get spoilt with the most incredible meals and Clive has so many insights into Slovenia to share!

Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

Lake Bled you are beautiful!

We are much better at keeping up to date on our Instagram so have a look there for what we get up to each day!

Notebook moment Lake Bled, The Two Drifters,

So beautiful.

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