Scott jumping during Canyoning The Two Drifters

Canyoning is incredible.

For those that don’t know, canyoning is basically hiking up a mountain then instead of hiking back down, you abseil, climb, jump, swim and slid your way down waterfalls, rivers and pools of water to get to the bottom.

Sliding down a waterfall, Canyoning The Two Drifters

Sliding down a waterfall.

We went just outside of Lake Bled with Canyoning Bob who was amazing! We were also very lucky as it was just us and one other guy so we didn’t have much time waiting for anyone else (nor was there much time for me to think about what Scott had convinced me to do!)

Hiking, Canyoning The Two Drifters

Great hiking attire

We started our climb feeling mildly ridiculous, I was hiking in a bikini, wetsuit and helmet! Then after a very short introduction into what to do – we got started.

Abseiling down, Canyoning The Two Drifters

Abseiling down.

It was such an unbelievable experience and surprisingly (for me at least!) we both loved it! The water was freezing! Like incredibly cold because it comes from the caves, but it’s also so clear it almost looks shallow in all the pictures. (I promise it was really deep!)

Abseiling, Canyoning The Two Drifters

Super nervous with the abseiling!

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and the fact that I found it way easier to jump than rely on ropes to help me down. But I think that was mainly as you could see right to the bottom, which I found made it easier to jump into because you knew what was there!

Eilis jumping, Canyoning The Two Drifters

Eilis jumping!

The grand finale was crazy. I jumped from a 6m high waterfall whereas Scott jumped out over one that was 10m high! Pretty amazing!

Scott jumping during Canyoning The Two Drifters

Scott jumping the 10m waterfall!!

Safely at the bottom, Canyoning The Two Drifters

Thank God he made it!!

To get back to the car, we got to float down the river where both of us, filled with adrenaline and giddy from our adventure, could not stop talking about it!

Floating down the river, Canyoning The Two Drifters

Floating down the river – pretty happy we survived!

End of Canyoning, The Two Drifters,

We survived!!

It was a pretty perfect way to finish our adventure in Slovenia and we cannot wait to go canyoning again – despite my incredibly sore legs the next day!

The waterfall finale, Canyoning The Two Drifters

The finale – looks a lot higher from the top!

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