Admiring the view, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

Hallstatt is an incredibly picturesque town that sits out over a lake in Austria.

Edge of Lake, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

Such a picturesque place.

It is so beautiful and people from all over fall in love with how gorgeous it looks – a man even had a replica of the whole place built in China!!

Pretty houses and flowers, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

So many gorgeous flowers everywhere!

The different coloured houses rise up from the lake towards the mountains and are decorated with amazing flowers and all sorts of cute balconies. They were all different but seemed to fit together so well!

Wandering the streets, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

The cutest town.

We went to the Bone Church which is exactly as it sounds, a church full of bones! In the past, there wasn’t enough space in the graveyard, after 15 years or so they would dig up the bones to make more room. These were then cleaned, bleached and painted with the name of the person, their date of death and decorated. The last bones were added in 1995!! It was pretty creepy…and very weird!

Bone Church Skulls, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

Pretty creepy!

On our second day in Hallstatt we rented bikes to ride around the lake. It’s about 24km all around and was a beautiful ride looking back across the lake to Hallstatt and up to the huge mountains that surround the lake.

Biking along the lake, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

Riding around Lake Hallstatt.

The first bit of the ride was a little hectic as we were on the main road, with the big tour buses and trucks, no footpath and they hadn’t given us helmets!! A little scary but thankfully it was only a couple of kilometres and we just rode super quick! The rest of the ride along the lake was really lovely though, past fields with cows and through a forest!

Riding along the lake, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

Enjoying the nice bit of the ride along the lake!

If you are planning to visit Hallstatt there were so many more tour groups and people doing it as a day trip from Salzburg than I expected. They took away from the serenity of the place a bit but it is still a pretty cute place to visit!

Enjoying Hallstatt, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

Enjoying Hallstatt.

Overall, we really enjoyed Hallstatt, it is just so picturesque. I could have walked around looking at the houses and admiring their balconies and flowers all day!

Main square, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

So gorgeous.

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Exploring, Hallstatt, The Two Drifters,

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