Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

While travelling through Turkey with Busabout, we got to see amazing places including Olympos and Cappadocia, but it also included long days of driving. I hadn’t really thought of that, but I guess it is a huge country!! Thankfully these long days of travel were broken up with some pretty spectacular spots!

Salt Lake

Wandering, Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

Wandering the Salt Lake

Scott, Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

Was a pretty cool place to explore.

Tuz Lake or Salt Lake in the middle of Turkey is stunning. A huge expanse of a beautiful salt lake that you are able to walk on!

It’s the second largest lake in Turkey spanning for 80km in length and 40km wide and the whole place is very calm and white!!

Enjoying the Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

Because there is a little bit of water amongst the large salt granules, you get incredible reflections as you walk across it, which meant we had a lot of fun for photos.

The Salt Lake was a very cool place to stop on one of our travel days through Turkey even if the salesmen kept throwing the salt products at us!!

Sky, Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

Think the sky made it even more impressive!


Anitkabir, Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

Very impressive memorial and museum in Ankara

Ankara is Turkey’s capital but we only had a quick stop here to see the Memorial and Museum to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He is thought of as the founder of the Republic of Turkey so it was very interesting to learn about his life and the work he achieved while he was in charge of Turkey.

He is credited as helping modernise Turkey and it was fascinatign to see the changes he helped to implement while he was ruling the country.

There was also incredible murals of both WWI and the Turkey War of Independence which were so detailed and really conveyed the story of the wars.

Soldiers, Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

The soldiers at the memorial.

Memorial, Salt Lake and Ankara, The Two Drifters,

Very quick stopover in Ankara.

Next up – Istanbul!

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